hibiscus invented

Yesterday my friend Nancy cheered me up in a discussion about heart disease, which has claimed a few members of my family. So after I thanked her I asked what her favorite flower was and said I would draw some. But I drew only one. But I will no doubt draw a few more before Juneteenth, nine days from now, which I gave as my ETA.

2020 0610 hibiscus invented

hibiscus invented
to Nancy Gunther

here is a part of the scene of most scenic hawai’i
interest waxes the first time the beauty is seen
barreling next to the coastline?? a gray suv
innocent plant life’s impervious to bourgeoisie
sacreder is photosynthesis known and unknown
crisis catastrophe chaos–break us they won’t
under the spell of a magical bloom in the shade
step next to bursting bouquets and you’ll be unafraid


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