bird and art and pawn

2020 0805 art and bird

In a sense, this drawing has taken more than six years to do. In late Spring of 2014 I was working the graveyard shift at Sedona Winds Independent Living Retirement Community. A small part of my job was recycling the day’s menus, about 150 of them, into scrap paper. We had far more scrap paper than we needed so I would use some for myself. One use was the making of 15×15 grids so that I could do the newspaper’s crossword puzzles without marking up anyone’s paper. I also drew grids for my own crossword puzzle construction, and for my artwork. The grids on this page were done in that longago faraway time. The checkerboarding and the drawing and the word balloons and the though balloons have all been done within the last 24 hours.

The bird is saying “Well, this is AWKward.” Scrutiny will reveal that the bird has left a calling card on the steps.

The man is thinking, “Very Funny, Guy Who Drew Me, putting me in underwear and naming me Art.”

My signature is saying, “It gets worse, Dude. Your last name is ‘Saek.'” His full name may well be Art 4Art Saek. In Latin Art for Art’s Sake is “Ars Gratia Artis.” For many years the Latin phrase graced the MGM roaring-lion logo. The implication was that Louis B. Mayer and Sam Goldwyn didn’t care about money, just Art. Hooray for Hollywood, Friends!

The Pawn leans toward all three but does not say or think anything. People who use Pawns sometimes get uncomfortable if the Pawns don’t keep their thoughts and words to themselves. To me, my Pawn seems to be in “Watch And Learn” mode.

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