goal post

Goal might be Attainment or Aspiration or Ball Meets Net. Post: Mail Pickup/Delivery or After or Online Creation or Cylindrical Supportive Object or Emily the Mannered’s Last Name. And Goal Post is either End Zone Structure or Benchmark Blog Entry.

I had intended to do a special Goal Post called “Blog Post #1700: Score!” Alas, I lost track, and this is actually Blog Post #1704. “Our beginnings never know our ends,” said Thomas Stearns Eliot. How right he was, and remains.

2020 0808 goal post

goal post

grant that a metabolism runs on atp
obligating intake lets an anabolic be. o
as we take our nourishment in mres or feasts
let’s feed our spirit with an imam rabbi monk or priest

EVERYONE has a Spiritual Side, Friends. Everyone believes SOMETHING, if only “I believe I’ll have another beer.” Your beliefs are your motorized transport. Safe passage to you!

PS–ATP is muscle fuel. Anabolics build muscle. MREs are Meals Ready to Eat. Imams are Islamic clergy. Robbis are Jewish clergy. Monks and priests are Catholic or Buddhist clergy.

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