Inktober 26, 2020: Hide

Hide nor hair. Tan me hide when I’m dead, Fred. Hide in plain sight, or, if there’s such a city as Plainsight, you could hide there.

Happy Birthday to Amy Ouzoonian, a most talented and charismatic poet in the Valley of the Sun, where I now live. Amy got to see my image before anyone else did; making that happen was my modest birthday present to her.


French speakers know that “Amy” and “St. Rémy” don’t really rhyme, but many Americans, including myself despite two solid years of French classes, mispronounce French words horribly. So please, let’s all pretend that the couplet

Raise a snifter of St. Rémy
To Her Excellency, Amy

rhymes perfectly. 🙂 and I hope you have fun finding hidden instances of Hide. Feel free to post your findings in the Comments.

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