Lunch and Bingewatch with Kate

Today my daughter and I finished watching “Queen’s Gambit” while eating Hawaiian Barbecue. It was a thrilling story with a deeply satisfying ending, a joy to watch. But it’s not why I am posting this. I have Kate’s kind permission to post our text exchange from when she asked me if lunch were a go to just before I arrived where she lives. This holographic blog would not be complete without a record of the way my daughter and I interact. And Hallelujah that we do, the way that we do. She truly is the child I always wanted. (Note: text was copied from a Gmail message to myself and for some reason it stapled the thumbnail of years-ago myself and a little ancillary text to the dialog. Please ignore.)


text for blog postInbox

Kate: Lunchtime okay?
Dad: Woo hoo!!! Better than OK! You want Hawaiian?

Kate: Hawaiian sounds great!
Dad: Lovely. What would the ideal time be for deliviies?

NOTE: In 1998 there was a family reunion in Lakewood, California. Joni, Kate and I stayed at a hotel. Visible from our window was a sign on a restaurant that proudly proclaimed “WE MAKE DELIVIIES!” So “deliviies” is an inside joke.

Kate: Noonish?
Dad: Good! Appreciate the Ish. Vagaries of PubTrans, yknow…

Kate: I expect lunch at 12:03:51, not a jiffy sooner or later.
Dad: Fuck!!
Dad: I am so Effed

[Kate sends a GIF of Captain America scoldingly saying “Language!”]
Dad: But OK, Cap. Love ya. Would Joni want some?

Kate: I don’t fucking know, I’ll ask. 😛
Dad: Chuckle out loud.
Dad: Please rext your household’s order by 11:30.
Dad: Text it, too.

Kate: She says no, she doesn’t really care for it. I like the #4.
Dad: Okey dokey.

Kate: See you noonish. 🙂
[Exchange of Thumbs Ups]

Kate: At least I think it’s still #4. The Hawaiian BBQ mix if numbers fail me.
Dad: BBQ mix it is. Love you, Daughter

Kate: Love you too, Father.
Kate: I suggest you bundle up before you leave. Heat is pretty nonexistent in the house.
Dad: Will do, thanks. Leaving now.

[Thumbs Up from Kate]
Dad: Got hailed on with the vitest little hail. Just got on the bus.
Dad: *cutest

Kate: Aww. Door will be unlocked when you get here.
Dad: Thank you, mija.
Dad: Just missed the train, gosh darn heck gee whizzers. I will be latish.
Kate: Glad you are sufficiently bundled, then.

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