to kiss and not to tell (Blog Post #1801)

[Friends, this is written in haste and may or may not be edited at leisure. Blog Post #2000, scores of posts hence, now has an ETA of December 2, 2022. These last 199 posts should see the conclusion on the n.e.s. series, the Rubáiyát in its entirety, and a dozen reworkings of the best of my drawings in acrylic paint form. Of course “L’homme propose mais Dieu dispose,” but also “Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you still end up in the stars.” Meanwhile, this State of the Heart message, which I hope to obsolesce…]

to kiss and not to tell. ° “And the girls you offer champagne say Yes, ° And the girls you love say No, ° And your salary isn’t what it was, ° And you feel like the poet Poe.” ° Ogden Nash, “Elegy in a City Shambles” ° most people i know have been kissed ° at least a thousand times ° (less so lately due to pandemickal conditions) ° ° as for me i’m not telling ° but inferences may be drawn from this discussion ° ° the zap factor of some kisses is huge ° and blessed be those pairs who zap over decades ° for they are the fewly unusual zesters ° ° and woe and sympathy to those unwilling loners ° who receive and bestow kisses perfunctorily ° and scavenge memory lane for reminders ° that zappage has happened and might happen again ° ° modern suitors are often like…uh… ° auditioning actors ° who have much to offer but not ° in the eyes of the casting director ° who knows what she wants ° and sees what she doesn’t ° and is quick to thank ° and offer the faintest shred pf hope ° but even quicker to° upper-handedly call “Next!” ° ° the world is not alloronothing ° and scraps may be had while a feast is prepared ° but those kisses ° those electric kisses ° are the sirens of modern love ° and Romance ° is also defined ° as “falsehood” ° ° it is good to love ° but to love and not be loved back ° is an agonizing challenge ° ° hey though ° relax ° have a walk and a read and a workout ° use each day as a step toward true love ° and affirm and expect ° ° and you will be zapped ° and be eager to tell ° but it is more delicious o lover ° to kiss and not to tell

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