This morning Alberto Rios, an Arizona Poet Laureate, posted a link to an article he’d written, an exploration of what the phrase “magic realism” wants to mean. It’s a wonderful, if (necessarily) meanderful, think-piece, and so here’s a screen print for those who want to know where it is:

Screenshot_20210220-063058_Samsung Internet

As improbable fate would have it, I’d just re-acquired a bowl I’d made in early 2007 and subsequently given to my mother, who went to the Great Beyond on December 11, 2020, and whose former home is being prepared for sale.


it’s been a long time, but I think the clay body is Laguna Rod’s Bod, Cone 10, outside clear-glazed and inside glazed with Majolica White and allowed to coat the top inch or so of the outside. The glaze appears to have been applied on the outside by dipping, and on the inside by pouring, and then a quick lip-dip to mix Majolica and clear, and to add a coat of thickness to the Majolica’s lip and upper inside areas. The goobery trails of the white outside glaze are due to mixed glazes being more runny, whereas on the inside the glaze-thickness variant is thin where there are ridges and “veiled” where the dip overlaps. The bowl has a nice shape but is not perfectly symmetrical; there’s the slightest pinch in the lip, which with the jester’s-cap gooberishness makes the bowl rather clownish. But even more improbably, the potter incised the Greek symbol for pi on the outside, and white-glazed it. What was he/I THINKING?


I don’t remember. If there is such a thing as Fate, maybe Fate took over and had me do that back then just so I’d happen upon it just as i was reading an article about Magic Realism by Alberto Rios. Fate also gave me this phone with its tranformative photoediting. Behold the same bowl, which through the “Cartoon” photoediting effect appears to be straight outta The Great Beyond.


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