the quantum nature of bunny vomit

2022 0127 bunny vomit

Since this post is set in the Quantum Multiverse, where causality is flavored with superimposition and the future has the potential to affect the past, we start with the final result of the page I made last night, and get to how it came to be later. Last night I met with my friends Birdie Birdashaw and Russ Kazmierczak for a sketch session at a coffee&beer place called Sip.

Russ is the creator of AMAZING ARIZONA COMICS and has been making his Arizona-based adventures, including but not limited to his superhero Speed Cameron, a blend of human being and, yes, speed camera, for many years. Birdie, the creator of bunny vomit, has been doing stickers of notable personages lately, and he did one of Russ’s Speed Cameron, with a killer slogan. When Birdie gave me the sticker I stuck it on my shirt. When I got home I stuck it on the edge of my laptop screen and took this pic:

Here are my two drawing buddies at work:

After I took this pic I showed it to Russ (at left) and told him that two words had popped into my head, and he wouldn’t be able to guess in a thousand guesses. I let the suspense build and then said “Sling Blade.” Russ cracked up, and Birdie instantly did a gravelly-voiced, spot-on Billy Bob Thornton imitation. When Russ is focusing on his drawing, he sometimes bites his lower lip and gives himself a faux underbite.

Here are the Three Sketcheteers all at once. The combined Draftspersonship of these three powerhouses could easily heat up a city, and will, some day.

As for Bunny Vomit, truth to tell, the first time I heard the term I got a bit nauseous myself. Let’s not pretend I’m not an old codger with Baby Boomer tendencies. But I did not understand the biological quirk that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Bunnies to Vomit. (Please look it up! They cannot!) So what the underrated and oft-misunderstood Birdie B has created is a character, and ejecta, that might ONLY exist in a Quantum Multiverse. His Bunny might almost be seen to have a Superpower. But if you want the Straight Scoop on that, straight from the bunny’s mouth, so to speak, check out Birdie’s site at and be transported.

Meanwhile, here is the acrostic for the page:

Bunny Vomit

Bulimic? No. I play one on TV
Upholding all that I hold far & wee — O
Now we see a syncopated GeM
Now traffic in a Substance not quite Phlegm — I
Yearn for such relief–I’m not exempT

Fun fact: I often call Birdie “Bird.” That nickname oddly conveys the respect I would show Charlie Parker, were he alive and in the same room, and also tips my hat to Larry and Brad.


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