Monthly Archives: April 2022

In 1975 my parents and I went on a trip up the California coast. We saw Solvang and her tulips, San Simeon and it’s castle of wretched excess, and San Francisco, where Anything can and does Go. But we also paid a visit to a small town famous for Artichokes.

Yesterday I arrived in Castroville and spent the night at the Coastal Inn on Merritt Street. And this morning I ate a Castroville Scramble at the Fabolous Giant Artichoke Restaurant. Now I’m “scrambling” to post this, pack up, and head north. Checkout time is in eight minutes!!

2022 0412 sumta ii

Faithful readers will recognize this drawing as a different stage from the one I presented in the post “sumta loogat.” It is not exactly a later stage of the same drawing, since the drwing you saw earlier was an exploration based on a copy of a yet-earlier stage of the drawing, as this is, but this drawing is as if I had never made such changes, but instead made similar but different ones, and some not similar. Which is thoroughly confusing, but serves the purpose of trying things, reverting to previous, and trying again.

But this is the original grafitic. The OG, if you don’t mind a bit of cultural appropriation from American Gang lingo. I have come far enough along, though STILL far from finished, to want to make any more experimental copies.

There is something deeply gratifying about taking a long time on a single drawing, though the wild creation horses inside me are rarin’ to finish and move on. A mellowness and depth is starting to get real with this one. Since I don’t avoid flesh-contact with the paper, a slight tome buids as my left pam-thumb-subsection skates around. Despite skin oils, the tone is easily removed, and re-removed, with simple erasure. And the drawing benefits with a buildup of non-erased surface–see, for instance, the ribbonlike shap at top center, which now looks like a light source is highlighting its middle. The drawing is maturing.

It is still an adolescent, though. Adulthood, here we come! 🙂

Today I spent about a hundred US dollars for one month’s use of studio space and materials, including these three canvases and the acrylic paint that is on them, at Brightside Studios in uptown Phoenix, Arizona.

Photo by Michael P of Brightside Studios

In less than a month I’ll find out if it’s a good fit, and either let the monthly payment automatically renew, or send them written notice of termination. Meanwhile, I feel like I had a really good first day.

Sign here, Kid

Signing up was a painless 10- minute process. And unlike the classes I’d been taking, I set my own schedule, as long as it’s their business hours.

Now, it’s absolutely true that I have drawing table and supplies at my apartment. But I am happier and more productive when I’m among people who are also stuck with the Gotta-Make-Stuff impulse. And one sweet feature of this place is No Cleanup! Just put brushes and other stuff on designated trays, and you’re out the door!

My mom left me a modest inheritance when she died, and while I have frittered away some of it, and needed some other of it to maintain a certain quality of life that Social Security cannot cover, I am happy when I am 100% sure that an expenditure of mine would meet with her approval. This one qualifies, big time! 🙂