Monthly Archives: September 2022

The challenge for today was to make a work of art on a rectangle of card stock measuring two and a half inches bt one and five-eights inches. Since it would be tiny, “tiny time” seemed an appropriate double acrostic. It didn’t take long to figure out end rhymes with an abab scheme, though “exempt” and “pro tem” are not quite true rhymes.

tiny time

thoughtfulness is tax-exempt
indolence is sans souci
none need senator pro tem
yin needs yang as thou needst me

The poem is a distant cousin to the lyrics of the song “The Best Things in Life Are Free.” The illustration is a sort of resonance with “thoughtfulness,” the first word of the poem, reducing a somilar concept “watchfulness” to the pocket-watch “watch,” the king’s jester “foole,” and the Prohibition-era G-Man Eliot Ness “ness.”

Readers, your time is precious, and there are thousands of demands on it. Thank you for spending this Tiny Time with me.


2022 0916 retrograde

I did this one for certain of my poet friends who are under the influence of celestial signs and portents and are freaking out because astrologically speaking things have gone quite Retrograde. It is an occasion I am memorializing through acrosticizing. It’s the first time I’ve done backwards letters on part of the acrostic spine; it felt right and fun to do so.


Regard the Planets so entrancing
Ensorcelling as they are Dancing — for
Turns of Fortune oft dismayed a
Reaved, regretful Soul who’s strayed
Or reft a Forest of her glade