Inktober 2022, day 1: Gargoyle


Great in an imbroglio
Atavistic play
Rager for the heads that roll
Got that soul of Klee

Myth-rumor has it that Saint Romanus of Rouen had had the dragon he had vanquished burned at the stake, but the dragon’s throat and head proved flame-resistant. So the Rouennaise threw the head on the Rouen cathedral roof to be a “Ye Be Warned” reminder to demons and other evilmakers that God and his vicar the Archbishop were not to be trifled with. And behold, there came a great rain, and the gargoyle’s throat took in the rain, and it gushed from the mouth, and cathydraulic damage was diverted away, and ever since then some gargoyles have served as rain gutters, and that’s why their voices are gutteral. Thank you, Reader Friends, for reading my nonsensical Bad Pun of the Day. 🙂

#Inktober #Inktober2022


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