Gary W. Bowers: born in Inglewood, CA; lived in the Valley of the Sun since the age of 4; moved to Sedona in midsummer of 2012 and to Cottonwood in the late spring of 2013. Moved back to Phoenix in February 2015. Currently employed as a Host/Cashier at Matt’s Big Breakfast, a restaurant in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Creative specialties are acrostic poetry, portraiture, ceramic sculpture, Ticonderoga Black pencil drawing, and, most recently, mixed media that include oil pastel. Inquiries about purchase of posted artwork, or commission of custom work including but certainly not limited to acrostic portraiture, may be made via e-mail to

  1. Donald Miller said:

    Hi, Gary.

    I came here from Ebert’s. I’m still laughing over some of the Captions. I really believe that yours has a god chance of winning. Some are hilarious, but of course stand no chance, as in this one by another commenter: “Too easy. Christ. What an asshole!” ROFLMHO over that one, too.

    • Thanks, Donald, and welcome to a fellow with a strong intellect and true uniqueness!

      • Donald Miller said:

        Likewise, and thank you very much. I’ll be placing you on my blog roll.

    • Thank you, dear Marlyn/Kintal! I love a challenge!

      • wonderful! i’d like to see already what you have in mind

    • Thank you, G.E. This ambitious, well-conceived and -realized Project has your poet’s soul in it, and that with your hard and steadfast work makes it valuable indeed!

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