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A long time ago TIME Magazine started letting image elements get in front of part of the cover’s logo. Had I unlimited disposable daily time, and a three-hundred-year lifetime, I might review the TIME covers and find out exactly when this started happening, and find out whose decision it was to do it, and the rationale behind it. Something tells me that Norman Rockwell’s SATURDAY EVENING POST covers might have started that trend. Alas, I have not the time/inclination to check.

Thousands of years before TIME enhanced through concealment, human beings did it with clothing. There is something reality-altering about cloth giving hints about what is beneath it.

About thirty-six years ago an art student at the University of Arizona installed a window blind in front of his painting of a nude. The intrigue to see what was behind the blind made Peeping Toms and Thomasinas out of many of the art showgoers.

About half an hour ago I finished the above image. When I scanned it I missed the fact that I’d let a corner turn up on the glass, so the lower left-hand corner cannot be seen. And elsewhere in the image there are words obscured or completely concealed by arrays of bubbles.

There are four acrostic poems on the page. They range from silly stupidity to the most profound thinking I’m capable of expressing; but the poems serve the image primarily as design elements. I invite you to squint your eyes enough when looking at the page to make the words illegible; this will give you a different experience than reading while viewing. One of the poems has a magic-trick-esque incompatibility of one end of the acrostic to the other; and in fact that poems can be transcribed several ways, none of which I care to disclose, being out of disposable time.