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dance 062315

The Beatles made a lot of great love music–“Here, There and Everywhere,” “I Will,” “Something,” “I Need You,” and “And I Love Her” spring immediately to mind–but this one has a special place in my heart, which shows you what a sentimental sap I can be. So be it!

The one iconic image that comes to mind when I think of the 70’s is Wonder Woman, that mix of feminism and objectification that invites both celebration and scorn. I’m for celebration, of the lovely and vibrant Lynda Carter, and the prescience of William Moulton Marston, who created Wonder Woman SPECIFICALLY to empower the “Fairer Sex.”



In the Spring of 1973 I was full of myself, and full of beans as well. (Not much evolvement on either of those fronts has been made.) I was a student at Glendale Community College and my pal Evan Bishop was that year’s editor of its literary magazine, The Traveler. Evan let me inflict my then-meager illustrative talent on the magazine, and I can only hope that not many copies of that misbegotten edition are floating around still. But one drawing, an illustration for a poem about a melting snowman, did have a crude charm. The lady who wrote the poem was happy enough to say, “THAT’S my Snowman!” So I feel as though I achieved some modest success with illustration, even forty-odd years ago.

Today the phrase “snow globe” evoked memories of that snowman, so I brought him back.

Wabi-Sabi, Perfection through Imperfection, is everywhere in the Arizona desert. Dylan Thomas’s “Break in the sun till the sun breaks down/And death shall have no dominion.” comes to mind…


The cacti are gouged into, pitted and marred,
They’re spiky and twisted and knobby.
It’s hardy survivors, so weathered, so scarred,
That demonstrate TRUE Wabi-Sabi.