Melony Terry, The Acrostic


I am happily involved with a former Glendale High School Class of ’72 classmate. Today I realized her name would suit a double acrostic if I stretched out the Y of Terry. Then I asked for three words that were important to her life. Melony’s words were Wife, Children, Family.

Melony was married for more than 40 years to Rich Terry, a wonderful man who with her raised two wonderful sons, Jeremy and Sean. Rich died tragically young, of complications related to COPD, about a year and a half ago. Jeremy married the wonderful Jolene, and they have a son, the wonderful, mischievous and dynamic Andrew, who will be 5 years old quite soon. Sean has wonderful talent both as artist and musician. If that seems like a lot of Wonderfuls, and a lack of descriptive imagination, yes, but I stand by my words.

My challenge was to create a page, and in it a poem, that would well represent Melony and that which she holds dear. To help, Melony provided a family photo album, and so I drew Melony’s grandson Andrew with his beloved Guitar Hero guitar, and I surrounded him with Melony as a baby, Melony and baby Sean, baby Sean and Jeremy, and Melony and Rich on their wedding day.

In the lower right-hand corner is Melony Terry, The Acrostic, with these words:

My life as Wife was Rich & Right

Ensured safe passage site to site

Life with my children full of cheer

Outlasted poverty & fear

Now children’s children capably

Yearn onward. All is Family

Melony has seen my page and expressed approval; and when I asked her if I could make a blog post of it, her most gracious response was, “You should–you worked your butt off on it.”

Melony Terry, The Person, is aces in my book, Friends. I love you, Mel!!

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