bootleg obituary

bootleg obituary

an elderly woman is joining the choir/a singular soul and there’s much to admire/her flaws made her human a few do bear mention/she truly adored to be centered attention/she pinched half her pennies the rest she left scattered/on doorsteps of people to whom she had mattered/she closetly wished folks acknowledged her royalty/but gave to her husbands her all and her loyalty/and sometimes she heeded and sometimes was stone/and her centermost terror was being alone/but she gave of her heart and one time in the night/when a neighborhood girl at her door fresh from flight/and in desperate straits sought a rescuing spirit/and she stepped up and listened though awful to hear it/and stepped up and comforted stepped up embracing/and saved the poor girl from the doom she was facing/and she was a hero on that night and others/most helpful of souls and most caring of mothers

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