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The initial sketch, done recently, was an exercise: Use of Quiver-Lines to Emphasize Fear. Did it and moved on. Came back and learned that it wanted to be finished. Brought it to this stage of completion. It is not GUERNICA, nor the Sistine Chapel ceiling and walls, but it should tell a story a little bit different with each viewer.


Long ago an art professor, Scott by name, declaimed to his class, “When you are painting, it is better to make a BOLD LIE than a Timid Truth.” And there is a bit of Bold Truth to that, though this is not a mutually-exclusive, either/or world.

Long before Stephen King wrote UNDER THE DOME, John Brunner wrote STAND ON ZANZIBAR and briefly mentioned “Fuller domes.” And of course Buckminster Fuller, that exceedingly visionary eccentric, had the original notion.

Gloam & Dome

Gopher holes and fumaroles oft perforated the land

Practicing the underground with furrows Meath the sand

Obelisky business sparks imagination too

All the ancient myths in shadow beckon fleet and loom

Makes a zealot want to beat upon a kettled droome

[Originally published in the Facebook group Poets All Call, earlier today.]

five such things

there are five such things as desire

and there are five such things as death

but there is only one such thing
as you where you are
receiving this message from me
wherever i may be
telling you that you are loved
and that you deserve
good tears and lusty laughter
and the overhauling
of pain
with riotous joy

there are eleven thousand
nine hundred and thirty-two


Sometimes the impulse to draw springs from a mind’s-eye full-blown vision, with all the conceptual exploring already done. Other times there is a vague notion, of a character or a setting or a quotation, perhaps, and some exploration occurs while drawing. Yet other times the artist just grabs something to draw with and thinks, “I FEEL like drawing, but I have no idea. So let’s just see what happens.”

I have only a slight, tickly notion of what I was thinking when I made the original drawing, which likely happened at least eight years ago. I think I was imagining the taking of an oath of office in a future where doing such would be much more reflective of the person elected, and not straitjacketed by hand-on-Bible or other arcana.

Some day I’ll take a drawing as incompletely formed as this one was, make a hundred copies, and finish them a hundred ways, each as radically different from all the others as reality, including my imagination, allows. It will be an odd hat-tip to Andy Warhol, for reasons obvious and not.

The midnight deadline makes for Procrustean design decisions. This page suffers from ten-pounds-of-stuff-in-a-five-pound-bag syndrome. But I will work on it no more, except perhaps one day I’ll use it as the basis from a painting, minimum size 4 feet by 6 feet, so it might breathe.

embryonic relations

embattled loneliness is what we fear
mad circumstances–to be kind–austere
beset, unsettled, nettled, we set sail
receiving imput from both gal and fella
yen-tangled and amiss to cross a t
one fine day one-ll call you mon ami
now comes a kiss or clasp, behold and lo
in time a touch begets a welcome moan
creation’s more than crows and queens and drones