Spoon Render Anthology

Here is the evolution of a journal page, spoon-fed:

scan0154 scan0155scan0156scan0157scan0158scan0159scan0160scan0162scan0163scan0164scan0165

But sometimes we go too far. In this case, the finished spoon, unadorned, seems to speak for itself.

spoon symphony 011609

The title of this post is “Spoon Render Anthology.” It refers obliquely to the classic SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY by Edgar Lee Masters, which is a poem cycle of capsule biographies told by the permanent residents of a graveyard. It is, pardon the pun, haunting, to say the least, and brilliant; and if only one reader of these message-in-a-bottle words goes into the ethers and finds and reads it, this blog post will have succeeded beyond its dream of avarice…

  1. Victoria h. said:

    Rune spender anthology! I think I can comment if I leave my email address. Happy new year, gair.

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