Blanket y Blank


Daily maintenance of a creative journal is  ever-challenging. What do you do when you can’t think of anything? You cuss, and censor your cussing with “blankety-blank…,” and realize the ironic relationship between the Blanket and the Blank, and you’re off and running.

Here are the words to the triple acrostic:

Bartleby Beetle–by all rights a snob
Left friendly pheromones gracing a knob
Annie Arabian waylaid her foal
Needing a frisky young stud for a stroll
Kermit Koala gyrated with Leila
Keeping a promise youths make at a gala
Emmett Egret played around with a swan
Easily straying from checkers & flan
Telling such lies stymies joy, but a brick
Though essentially dense, is with dignity thick

What does it mean? It may not mean anything but Blankety Blank. Or it may be a statement about Aesop’s Fabulous absurdity, or it may be a celebration of the Brick similar to the one Woody Harrelson’s character made in INDECENT PROPOSAL. It’s just wordplay and flash-storytelling, really, rated PG-13 for adult themes. I hope it entertains.

  1. Blankety blank evokes Blinkety Blank!! Do you know Norman McLaren, the great Canadian animator? He’re a link to his Blinkety Blank, drawn directly on the film. (wonderful technique, but a bit dry for my taste, to tell the truth) and if you go down in the page you should find ‘Begone dull care’ a wonderfully rich rendering of Jazz Music by the Oscar Peterson Trio.

    And since you will be on the NFB site, why not check out ‘The sand castle’ , 1977 Oscar winner.


    Michel Lamontagne

    • Michel, I watched “Blinkety-Blank” with delight. I think the collaboration of musician an animator was at least as successful as Disney’s “Fantasia.” Thanks for the links!


      Gary Bowers

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