I have thousands of words to say about this, but no time and no guarantee it would be a good use of the reader’s time to read it. So here’s the gist. “Justice” is a commodity bought and sold. Whoever has the gold makes the rules. Stay out of court if you can help it, unless you’re one of my many attorney friends.

I thought it would be cute to save my edits as “stricken from the record” but visible. The editing was mostly done to resolve inconsistency of meter. Here is what is in the final transcript:

So have your day in court–but, DAMN, you should’ve just said no
UNserved justice–you get drubbed–it’s bad for your C.V
So dismiss it without prejudice–hot cup of joe
Taken quickly–chased with H2O to quell the sear
Ah: the “juris” loses “prudence”: THEY’re rich; YOU are queer
It’s a plague, or, at the very least, a case of flu
Nor will there be vaccinations–that’d be so dull
Egos, greed–litigiousness gives Devils what’s not due
Dockets have their wolf packs–& the young and weak are culled


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