Sam Sung Blue/Switch Flipp’d

Yesterday was a Life-Changer. I finally gave in to reality’s mandate and purchased a smart phone, specifically a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. I am now able to do this blog post in the comfort of my apartment, using the phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot. If not for the phone I’d be at Hideaway West, or at the Jack In The Box across the street from O’Brien’s Irish Pub, to be able to go online.


seize the daisies do not sob

avarice unlocks the rofl

antiquated networks nu

make us grin & games ensue

HISTORICAL NOTES: In 1999 I purchased a 1.0 megapixel camera for $400.00. Yesterday I bought a smart phone with a pair of approx. 5 megapixel cameras, and 4G LTE hotspot capability, for $49.99.

Smart phone? WTF
Will wonders ever fail
Idle chatter of the cognoscenti
Takes  hop or a skip
Cause we all jump
Having been play’d



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