you say -esque, i say -ish


When I pulled up my phone to take a photo of this card I found that the warm shadows of my fingers made a pleasing enhancement of the image, so I did without flash, took the shot, and then used the photo editor to strike the best bargain between image and shadow. I like the implicit demonstration of the Heisenberg principle that the act of observation changes what is being observed.

Along that line of thought, I at first gave the image the title “-esque,” because it has become a bit different from what it was (or is–we’re playing with Reality here). But my next thought was “‘-esque’ or ‘-ish’?” (There’s Differences in them thar Differences, said the Meaning Prospector.) And THAT brought You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto to mind, and THAT yielded the title it now has.

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